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Nidhi Agarwal is a founder with a demonstrated history of working in the edutainment field. Having mastered her skills in areas of Marketing, Sales, Visual Content Creation, Storytelling, and Curation; she has worked in the media and entertainment industry for 6 years and in the education management industry for two years. Being a trustee at Wisdom High International Group of Schools in Nashik and she has been very instrumental in bringing new ideas to the schooling system and getting them implemented! Nidhi comes with a lot of experience in understanding content, curating it, and presenting it to the right audience. Having organized and curated North Maharashtra’s Biggest TEDx (TEDxSereneMeadows), she has gained a lot of insight and experience into people, content curation, and its production. 


  • Founder & CEO: Fitoor Inc. for 6 years (Promotion Company in Mumbai) 
  • Trustee at Wisdom High International Group of Schools (Nashik) 
  • Founder & CEO: WHIS After Hours (Learning Center for all ages in Nashik)


Nidhi’s parents started their school in Nashik about 20 years ago, so she was metaphorically born into a school. All she has seen while growing up is education and how much quality education can affect the life of a person. But in this fast-changing world, one realizes a very important thing as soon as one is out of school- ‘Anything and everything you learn could be outdated within seconds’. It will take years for colleges and courses to upgrade their content and until then something new will step in. I wanted to create a platform where people can learn about all the new trends in the market from any and every field directly from the horse’s mouth (the experts). For a very long time, I was resistant to going online because I couldn’t imagine getting the teaching experience delivered online. When the lockdown happened, there was no other way to conduct workshops/sessions. We took it up as an opportunity and created a platform (www.bookaworkshop.in), where we connected learners from across the globe to the right experts. With my TEDx experience and network, we had access to some great experts and celebrities from all over the world and they were more than happy to join forces with us to provide great learning to learners across. 


  • “I started my entrepreneurial journey when I was 17 and 1/2 years old. I wanted to change the way people/brands promoted their products and services. I think that my age acted as a big barrier, not only because of the lack of experience but also because clients couldn’t trust me enough because of my age. 
  • My ventures in Nashik faced major struggles starting out because of the newness of the concepts and it’s adaptability. It took a lot of effort to educate people about why the concepts we were introducing were important for the city and for the people buying it.
  • I have always been an “offline” person. It was a big challenge for me to completely shift my business and team online. Book A Workshop is my first step into the digital world and for it to launch and keep growing I have had to learn and unlearn a lot! Having an online business certainly helps with the growth but the speed at which things change, whether it be trends, ways of working, apps/ websites that you use to help with certain aspects, can change overnight. You have to constantly educate yourself and your team and keep in touch with new trends. 
  • Currently, our team is spread out across the globe. My partner is in Germany along with the tech team, we have a couple of business development executives in Toronto, Dubai, and Singapore and the rest of the team in Nashik and Mumbai. This has been both a challenge and an opportunity in itself.”


Bookaworkshop is positioned in the edutainment industry. It caters to an audience who is in the age group of 18-37, in Metros and Tier-II cities in India and across the globe. They have learners in 150+ cities and more than 20 countries. They are India’s fastest growing edutainment platform. 


Bookaworkshop is a 4 months old brand with a turnover of INR 10,00,000 and counting!


Bookaworkshop aims to be the world’s best go-to platform for micro-learning and learning from experts and celebrities. They aim to create a community of learners who want to keep updating and upgrading themselves and learn from the best in the field. They currently have 7,000 learners and aim to grow to be a community of 10,00,000 learners within their first year of existence.   


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