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Finance is definitely one of the most complicated topics to understand and when it comes to investment, it becomes even more complex. People have usually taken to intermediaries like banks to understand the best investment policy. For the longest of times, investing has been for individuals who understand the financial structure in and out. FKCCI research establishes that only 2% of India’s population invests in non-banking assets which is alarming. One of the reasons for this is financial illiteracy and to help India become more financial literate, StockEdge has been working on the Finance education model.

Kolkata based StockEdge began in 2015 and focuses on educating people in Finance and enable them to make an informed decision. The startup realized that to make people invest in non-banking assets like stocks, bonds and funds, they will need an unbiased source of information solely dedicated to inform and educate them. Vinay Pagaria, Vivek Bajaj and Vineet Patwari laid the foundation of StockEdge under Kredent InfoEdge as a separate entity.

They began with an offline center Kredent Academy to teach investors about Finance. This later moved to to have a wider outreach and then StockEdge. Financial intermediaries and Financial Media Company did not focus on giving a holistic knowledge to their clients on investments and this became their motivation for StockEdge.

StockEdge works on a model similar to Reuters and Bloomberg. They aim to create a lifecycle for anyone learning Finance to help them trust their own abilities and become better investors. It has been a challenge for the company to make their audience understand the need of learning but they have mostly overcome this challenge. There has been an approximate personal investment of 4.5 Crore from the founders itself and have total investment of 8 crores from other investors.

StockEdge has been actively looking for Series A funding to expand their product and market and make it more user friendly. They have a userbase of 750000 with 1.5 million app downloads. The current revenue generation for the company is 65 lakhs per month which the founders plan on taking to 8 crores by end of this year. The business model looks strong and has potential on creating a niche audience for itself.


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