Hungry Foal

It takes a fine mind to produce something that is bigger than just business and Japna has done this very efficiently with her startup Hungry Foal. After learning about the critical condition of malnutrition in kids in the country, Japna decided to give her corporate job with Ibizza and solely work on providing Hungry Foal. The startup provides healthy snacks such as classic and Choco energy bites, various flavored muffins in price range of Rs 5 and Rs 10.

Japna has a master’s in food technology from Punjabi University in Patiala. In 2016, after realizing that underprivileged sections are deprived of healthy food options -issue. The startup had a basic plan to bridge the gap between health, taste and affordability. Hungry Foal’s products are available in kirana stores in Delhi-NCR region and smaller cities of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

The company grew from annual revenue of Rs 2.14 lakh in beginning to Rs 3.6 crore now. They started with direct selling but have incorporated distribution chains and wholesalers eventually. Hungry Foal ensure that all its products meet Recommended Dietary Allowance guidelines by GoI. There are other startups as well catering to healthy food but their products are priced between Rs 45 and Rs 70 which makes them less affordable.

This Haryana-based startup creates its USP with low production cost and manufacturing products with different flavours and varieties. Japna and Vivek are supplying products for lactating and pregnant women to a leading research organization to get them tested.

Hungry Foal grew from one room to having its presence in over 5000 shops. They have not revealed the amount of funds they have raised. They have raised some amount from angel investors and SBI under Government’s Stand Up India policy in 2017. It has also raised funds in pre-Series A round led by Madison Capital. They dedicated six months in building and testing of their products before introducing them in market. They plan on launching products between the range of Rs 5- Rs 20 for all age groups in future. Japna has taken some glares as a women entrepreneur because the society isn’t ready to accept independent women yet but it is women like Japna that lead the chain of change.


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