Due to economic crisis started by shutdowns due to coronavirus, companies have started laying off employees. Some of them feel guilty about the situation and want to help their staff in finding new jobs. HireSure.ai, a HR-Tech startup has recently launched a re-employment assistance for the same. They also recorded a 75% decrease in the job listing on their platform in past few weeks.

The company spoke to a few firms and found out that to maintain financial stability they had to take this step but they want to help these employees in getting new jobs. The new re-employment assistance feature helps the right candidate match with relevant job openings and it also speeds up the process.

The startup already has an estimation of job vacancies among a large number of employees including their clients. The service cannot be used for individual candidates and has to be used by an employer. This also demands an explicit consent from the employees.

HireSure works with a wide range of companies from data sciences to education and travel and some of its clients include Trackxn, Edureka, ClassPlus, Springworks and Gameskraft. According to company, the jobs haven’t been withdrawn as of now and new jobs focusing on technology are getting added to the platform.


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