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When the pandemic hit the world, everyone instantly shifted to virtual spaces owing to social distancing norms. Work from home became a new reality and people started relying on digital means even for healthcare. MFine, a virtual medical consultations platform reported that it has recorded strong growth for its corporate product in the last two months.

The statement released on Wednesday said that over 35 organizations have signed up for virtual OPD consultation benefits for their employees. More and more companies are including telemedicine in their employee health programs. Presently over 2 lakh employees and their families are using MFine’s services for preventive health checks, mental health consultations and advanced screenings.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, many employers have started taking health of their workforce seriously and are offering solutions that go beyond hospitalization benefits. Employees are requesting for more comprehensive healthcare packages as part of their employment contracts because of coronavirus leading to added mental stress.

The company told that apart from hospitalization benefits, staff is also asking for teleconsultation, specialties such as gynecology and pediatrics, mental health cover, OPD visits and home health checkups. The statement said that the company has record a 210% growth in last two months and plans to onboard 200 more companies in next 6 months. They are currently assisting about 10000 transactions every day.

MFine was launched in December 2017 by Ashutosh Lawania and Prasad Kompalli, and were later joined by Ajit Narayanan and Arjun Choudhary. It currently employees 300 people in its Bengaluru and Hyderabad offices. The platform claims to have a network of over 2500 doctors from more than 500 hospitals consulting across 30 specialties.

The COVID-19 epidemic has also fundamentally changed the benefits landscape. Employers offering telehealth benefit from a healthier and more productive workforce while employees benefit from a convenient form of medical care. It’s a solution that is going to underpin employee wellbeing initiatives in the years to come,” MFine co-founder Ashutosh Lawania said.


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