In the wake of Covid-19, majority of the businesses around the world started operating from home. The companies took up to various digital channels to have an organized and productive work from home (WFH) period. This also opened the possibilities of implying the WFH model even in normal situations and companies have been contemplating on this decision based on their organization realities.

EdTech startup, Unacademy has been skyrocketing in its profits during the quarantine and recently they announced WFH for 60% of their employees. The company said that even after lockdown is lifted, 60% of their 1000 employees will be following the remote working model.

This news comes right after Twitter announced that all its employees will be given the choice to work from home even after things head back to normal. Other companies say that they do not want to jump to any conclusion as of now and are monitoring the situation to come to a decision. There is another group of startups and investors that believe that India won’t be able to follow remote working model due to the lack of infrastructure. For now, nothing can be predicted because of the uncertain situations.


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