The current situations of Coronavirus have given many alternatives to business that we did not think would ever be used. FMCG companies like Hindustan Unilever, ITC, Dabur and Colgate have started door-to-door delivery for their goods. The lockdown has put a halt on trade activities.

These companies have partnered with already existing names in delivery business like Swiggy, Dunzo and Scootsy. Not only this, they are also taking help from Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) to reach out to their consumers.

The retail outlets already started this service to keep physical distancing norms. B Sumant, Executive Director at ITC Ltd. explained that it is the power of collaboration that is helping in an unforeseen situation like this. The lockdown has also led to workers going back to their towns which led to a low workforce in the company as well. It has posed a challenge for them to maintain Demand and Supply and have and effective produce of goods.

The companies have partnered with hyperlocal delivery platforms to make their products available and through the delivery platform they are directly making their products available to their consumers. Swiggy, food delivering platform has partnered with local stores to deliver goods. This is helping them to provide income to their delivery executives as well as solve the major issue of grocery availability for their customers.

This innovative idea has definitely raised the question whether or not this model can continue even after situation gets better. The companies will be evaluating this but at the moment their priority is to supply goods through hyperlocal delivery channels.

Dunzo has created a demand platform for brands which ensures more business for them in times like these. The delivery service is an addition to the traditional retail and e-commerce platforms. This can be a beginning for change in the distribution circle but we will have to wait until the lockdown gets over to see if this service continues.


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