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Flipkart bought a new era of eCommerce in India. People started trusting Flipkart as soon as it launched. Right now, it’s only main competitive is Amazon, which is also doing exceptionally well. Flipkart as a company is very trusting and is moving towards achieving the optimum level of SDGs. 

Yesterday, 10th August, it launched its startup accelerating program called Flipkart Leap. It is inviting B2C and B2C startups and offers to mentor them via a 16-week virtual training from its experts in business, operations, product, and technology. Walmart owned company has chosen five key focus areas for Flipkart leap startup accelerator, it includes design and make for India. 

It is going to be related to consumer and technology products, also with a focus on transforming offline sectors such as Agriculture, healthcare, and others online and also enable the next 500 million users (in tier-2 and tier-3) areas to digital natives, the company said. 

Other focus areas of Flipkart Leap include deep tech applications such as Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), edge devices, Big data, innovation in digital commerce, technologies to empower the retail ecosystem, and also supply chain management and logistics. 

We could be looking at a collaboration of the Start-Up Policy and Flipkart Leap!


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