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Currently pursuing B.Sc Life from Institute of Advanced Research Gandhinagar, Dhruv started working on this project when he was 18.

“If one idea fails, go for another don’t stop yourself and reach your goals” . – Dhruv Mamtora

  1. How did the idea of BNPD Eco Labs pop up?

When I joined college, I wanted to try my hands on different projects when I started developing an interest for plastic. In August 2019, when I saw the Pirana Site in Ahmedabad, I realized how rapidly plastic waste is increasing, and its negative impact on the environment and us humans. As a result, I started to think about a utility that could help in finding a solution to this problem. After gathering the data, I started my research work in November 2019.

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  1. What environmental problem does your startup aim to curb?

One of the major problems currently faced all over the world is that of plastic waste. The solution that we provide will help in solving this problem, while working in an eco-friendly way. This will also help to solve many problems related to the environment, such as reducing the release of toxic chemicals in the air. It will also help in reducing animal and bird mortality due to plastic waste. We are also trying to work on different solid wastes. 

  1. Life is full of thorns. What obstacles are you facing in your journey of starting this venture?

When I started working on this idea, I was only working on the biological aspect of it. After a few days, I started to attend various sessions related to startups and gained a deeper insight into the industry and its components. It was really tough for me in the beginning, but after a couple of months, I knew exactly what I had to do and then I started working on it.  

  1. Describe your entrepreneurial philosophy so far?

There is no absolute success or absolute failure. Everything is relative and it is all in your mind. Success and failure both are a component of what you think. But, a successful startup is always one that attracts its customers or solves a problem that is in high demand. 

For example, if you provide the same quality product at a cheaper cost, it attracts customers. 

  1. What would be your three biggest superpowers?

Passion, Persistence and Risk-taking. I believe that this is the most important requisite for all businesses or startups to excel in the market. If you don’t have the passion for your startup, it will be just an idea and you won’t be able to execute it. Persistence helps you to make you continue your work more efficiently. Risk-taking is most important for all businesses, as without taking risks nobody has ever succeeded in scaling their business.

  1. Where do you envision BNPD Eco Labs five years hence?

I envision to be scale by 10-20% every year and will try to reach out to more and more cities and excel in the market. I hope we become the best waste recycling & management company. 

  1. Any future projects or exciting prospects that you would like to share with our readers?

Currently, I am working only on this but later on, I aim to look forward to work on different projects in domains like defense, health sector, or the agriculture sector.

  1. If you could go back and do something differently, what would it be?

I don’t want to look back as of now, because when you start doing something, you have to sacrifice something else. Still, if I have to go back and do something, I would love to work in the defence industry.

  1. One thing you wish you knew before starting up?

Know your weakness and embrace your mistakes. Build a great relationship with your customers early on. 

  1. How are you managing your life and work during the lockdown caused by COVID 19?

During the lockdown, I found it really hard to work as the workload nearly doubled. Once, the lockdown was lifted, one good thing that happened was that we launched a non-profitable organization that would work to educate the people about waste management and its disposal. 

Apart from this, we also started to provide work from home internship to the students from different cities. So, yeah overall it was a good time for me as the Pandemic has led me to a lot of brainstorming on various areas of my startup.

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  1. How has BNPD Eco Labs helped you grow personally and professionally?

I can definitely say that it has helped me, as because of this I’ve learned many things which I would have never even thought of learning in my life. Every day is a new packet of experience and it is a very fulfilling feeling. 

Currently, I am indulging in a lot of networking and connection-building as people have started to take an interest in my ideas and journey. It keeps me motivated, grounded, and teaches me a thing or two everyday. 

  1. Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs among our readers?

When you start-up, conduct an extensive market research and make a rough plan layout because it will help you to figure out where you have to work.

A Few Tips:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Take risks
  • Have a clear vision and goals
  • Understand your industry/customers 
  • Most important: Don’t see the time. Don’t make time your limit of work, which would make your work your limit of time. 

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