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Edtech, due to COVID – 19 has witnessed a lot of development and competition. Teaching young students isn’t all that easy, whilst sitting in front of a laptop all day. Here’s where Eduthrill is trying to make us look at teaching and learning differently and as a new experience altogether. It looks at making the journey easy of teaching with its suite of products in the education and HR space to revolutionize the way assessments are conducted. 

EduThrill was founded by Amit Arora and Leela Kaza in 2017, it is using gamification to deliver tests and assessment tools. It helps students prepare for competitive exams, corporates to accelerate recruitment and training assessment, institutes to improve the quality of their academics, and job-seekers to prepare and get jobs of their choice. 

“EduThrill stands out due to its easy-to-use multilingual interface, low internet footprint requirement, and offline enablement. We have also created content that the same demographic is interested in consuming. Users don’t need to invest in expensive gadgets or laptops, and can use EduThrill in the freemium model,” Amit says.

They are working to change the way people make career-enhancing technology accessible to meritorious students and job seekers, irrespective of their geographical location or purchasing power, and help corporates and institutes. The games based mode of learning helps in grasping, improvisation, and retention, with an increase in student engagement levels and eventually scores. Colleges and universities can improve student admissions and enrolments through the platform’s campus recruitment, training, and extended placement solutions, giving students a chance to participate in hiring drives and meet their dream companies.

“Gamification and continuously personalized learning are very powerful tools and extremely useful for remote teaching,” Amit says.

Quite a thrilling journey EduThrill has in store for the world of AI and online teaching!  


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