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Bengaluru based E-sports and fantasy sports startup GoodGamer raises $2.5 million in its seed funding round led by an undisclosed group of investors.

GoodGamer Corp., the parent company of GoodGamer app is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. In September 2020, the app was officially launched in India with fantasy cricket and counter-strike: global offensive (CS: GO) to sync up with the Indian Premier League. The GoodGamer Fantasy app is a skilled-based platform that allows users to enter daily fantasy contests to win real prize money. It claims to have reached 250K registered users within the first month of launch.

Good Gamer India Private Limited, manages operations, marketing, and customer service led by former Vancouverite Ravi Nagarajachar, Vice President of Operations.

Ravi Nagarajachar, Vice President of Operations said, “The results from our first month of operations have proven to us what we always knew: India is a great market for us. While we will continue to push for growth, we also want to make sure our users have the best experience we can give them. We’re introducing a number of new experiences and skills-based gaming styles that Indian users haven’t seen before, including prop contests.”

Charles Creighton, CEO, GoodGamer added, “The uptake of our platform by the market has been overwhelming to say the least. With the help of our seed investors, we’re now able to focus on user acquisition and scale.”

GoodGamer is focusing on using the seed funding raised in user acquisition.

In 2018, the number of eSports enthusiasts and occasional viewers totaled just under 400 million. At the current growth rate, by 2023, there are expected to be almost 300 million frequent viewers of eSports worldwide, as well as some 351 million occasional viewers.

The rapidly growing phenomenon surrounding eSports (electronic sports) continues to gather steam, as the intersection of gaming and sports offers an innovative wave of branding opportunities, engaging content and activations for millions across the world.


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