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Delhi based Internet of Things (IoT) solutions firm IoTfy’s GoCo (Go Corona) bags are enabled with UVC LED to disinfect the articles inside the bag. The bag can be operated either with a button installed on the bag or can be remotely operated through an app.

IoTfy is a chip-to-cloud startup that helps consumer durable brands to add Internet of Things (IoT) capability to their device categories. It was started by serial entrepreneurs Shashank Saxena, Arpit Chhabra, Sushant Taneja and Shivam Dikshit in 2017.

The ‘Go Corona’ bag comes with a 30 litre capacity, and allows users to disinfect multiple items such as mobile phones, groceries, food, milk packets, gloves, masks, clothes, shoes, baby products, etc., in a single shot. The cost of one GoCo bag is around Rs 7,500.

The company provides IoT enabling sensors to consumer durable firms to create smart appliances that can be managed through an app or voice command. Currently the startup works with about a dozen companies across different product segments.

CEO Arpit Chhabra says, the name GoCo is inspired by the common sentiment ‘Go Corona’. IoTfy has now created UVC LED enabled GoCo bags, which are designed to disinfect the articles inside the bag. The bag can also be operated with an Android app, which lets the users operate the bag from anywhere.

Arpit says, the young generation in India relies on ordering food online, and there was a general fear amongst everyone when they discussed about ordering food. He points out that the fear of contaminated food and the possibility of a virus in the delivery bags discouraged many from ordering items as well as food.

IoTfy also takes pride in the fact that the company fits Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clarion call for ‘Vocal for Local’ and ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’, as it contributes to this vision.


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