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California based SaaS based firm Clumio has declared the launch of Clumio Research and Development Center in Bengaluru. The company has a center already existing in San Jose and the India counterpart will act as a support for the global team. The engineer team will be an essential contributor for product development and creating the best technology solutions.

Clumio was founded by Poojan Kumar, Kaustubh Patil and Woon Jung in 2017 with the idea to provide secure backup as a service for companies that is cost efficient and it replaces the complexity of managing data across all clouds with a SaaS powered approach. It aims to create and deliver SaaS based data protection services on its platform built on AWS in its research and development center.

The firm has been building a strong base in India with an aim to increase its workforce from 34 to 70 by the end of this year. They are also looking for talent in Software Engineering, Cloud Operations and Customer Support and Success.

Poojan Kumar, CEO and co-founder, Clumio said in a statement, “A lot of companies, including multi-billionaire companies, take years to enter India. However, Clumio is a young startup and we started our operations in India very early. We are eager to tap into the great talent that is available in India. The India center will have its own charter and will play a big part in innovation to build cloud solutions.”

The company has so far created a few solutions with the support from Indian Team. These solutions include addition of Microsoft 365 to its secure backup as a service and REST API platform for Clumio. Kumar believes that because of Covid-19, the use of cloud storage will just increase with each passing day.

Kumar said, “Every CIO that we talked to is basically saying that what they were going to achieve in the next 10 years, they now want to achieve in the next five. COVID-19 is going to make it harder for enterprises to do things themselves. It’s hard to expect people to touch stuff and be present physically and people no longer want to put anything in the physical data centers. Companies want to leverage the cloud because it’s all seamless and touchless.”

Firms like AWS, Azure and GCP have been expanding their market in India indicating the demand of cloud storage in the country.


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