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Amazon India on Wednesday announced it has launched an all-women’s virtual customer service program (VCS) in Bengaluru. The Seattle-based ecommerce giant had introduced this program in 2017 to address customer requests remotely. It is an extension of Amazon’s Customer Service (CS) network. 

The company said that through this all-women VCS site, it has extended flexible career opportunities for women across the city, empowering them to pursue their careers from their homes.

This site will enable Amazon India to reach out to a wider talent pool of women who prefer to work from home, as it seeks to bring greater diversity across teams. This could include women who are resuming their careers after a break, or those looking for flexibility in their work schedule to attend to personal commitments during the day.

This program enables Amazon to tap into additional talent pockets, ensuring greater diversity by roping in individuals who might not be able to physically attend office due to various reasons. 

The launch of this innovation also complements our other initiatives to bring more women into the workplace and help transform their lives. In parallel, this program also supports our efforts to continually enhance customer experiences.


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