One of the biggest Data consultancy company of the country, Accenture has recently acquired Byte Prophecy. Based out of Ahmedabad, Byte Prophecy provides automated insights and big data analytics to its clients. The move was made to fulfill the ever-increasing demand for enterprise-scale AI and digital analytics solution.

The financial details of the deal haven’t been disclosed but it will add around 50 Data Science and Data Engineering experts to the Accenture team. This will help the company to deepen existing consulting and technology capabilities that helps clients in fields such as data foundation and advanced analytics.

Byte Prophecy has been working with Accenture since 2018 and both the companies share same vision of client-centric innovation culture. The collaboration has already helped their clients to build strong data foundations that are cornerstone for successful AI adoption. The merger is beneficial for both the companies as they’ll be able to reach a wider market with better technologies.


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