Zoom Car

Zoomcar, a Bangalore based Car rental service is planning on expending its business overseas. The company has been planning on doing this since 2016 and will first role out its services in Asian Market. Zoomcar currently has a presence in 45 Indian Cities with 75% Market Share. They plan on expanding it to 85% in coming years.

The startup has gained popularity in the country due to its unique service and their expansion plans include increasing their fleet 10 times to one lakh. This will include both electric cars and Internal combustion engine (ICE). Their international plans are all set to hit markets by next year. Zoomcar believes that their services cater to market needs of Asian and European countries as well. In 2017, they also hinted on their ideas of untapped African market.

Zoomcar began in 2013 by David Back and Greg Morgan and has been growing ever since. Coronavirus have affected their business as well but the company has been helping in delivery services. It has partnered with Big Basket, Grofers, Apollo Pharmacy etc. It is also helping the employees to commute.

The company does not aim to enter into luxury cars and two-wheelers even though the market is quite big. According to Greg, the four wheeler market is too big to shift focus on others. Zoomcar has been working closely with companies like Mahindra Electric, Tata Motors and MG Motor India for cars supply. Zoomcar has pretty solid plans for its future and sure will mark its international presence.


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