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WIN Automation, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering’s industrial automation wing has collaborated with Bengaluru-based deep-tech startup Wesense.ai. The strategic partnership is meant for launching a new product named Clear Health to ensure protection and safety from the deadly Corona virus.

Clear Health is a device that comes with a sensor to calculate body temperature, automatically dispense sanitizer, takes touchless attendance, compliance for mask and lastly an analytics dashboard with alerts and notifications. The device also comes with cloud data storage and data analytics dashboard.

The device is so designed that it adheres to the safety standards in the workplace in compliance with statutory and regulatory guidelines. Once employees are registered on the platform, they can be identified with their masks on with the video feature in the machine.

The collaboration between WIN and wesense.ai has utilized the latter’s expertise in video analytics. The device can operate for 8 hours straight without needing internet or electricity.

Pratik Kumar, CEO, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering, said in a statement, “We have launched a range of products in response to fighting Covid-19. This is the third product from WIN Automation in the past month. These are unusual times and we are accelerating our efforts in bringing innovative products and solutions that address the concerns and issues on the ground.”

The company had previously this month launched Clearwalk Sanitizing Tunnel and ClearKart as a user-friendly telemedicine platform for intralogistics, patient triage and sanitizations. Innovation is the key to pass through such tough times and inventions like these will definitely help the world recover faster from the plight of coronavirus.


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