WeKan is a New York based product accelerator that is planning to fund 19-20 Indian Startups in the ‘future of work’ space in India.

 “We are looking to invest in 30-40 companies in the next 3-5 years, out of which 40-50% of the companies would be from India,” Sathya Nellore, the cofounder of WeKan, said.

In the following month, WeKan is looking at investing a ticket size of up to $250,000 in B2B development tools such as Low or No-Code, DevOps/Infrastructure Tools, API Management, and Software Testing tool.

This comes at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies across the world to adopt a remote work model, or work from home (WFH).

“I think it’s also one of the most exciting times for B2B and ‘future of work,'” Nellore, who has nearly five years’ experience as an entrepreneur and angel investor, said.

Nellore’s fund has been domain-agnostic, and it had incubated 20 companies across the travel tech, prop-tech, and mobility verticals, primarily in the United States.

He gazes at India as to leverage the domestic market’s cost efficiencies, knowledge stack of the previous three decades in building products for Fortune 100 companies, and a growing pool of high quality talent.

In such extraordinary times where future of work is still uncertain, Nellore said the virus outbreak has made businesses realize the importance of going digital.


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