India’s biggest consumer Robotics firm, Milagrow moves into crowdfunding post the launch of its latest robotic back massager, Wheeme 2020. It is available on the company’s website from May 14 2020. It was initially prices at Rs 11,990 but Milagrow is counting on crowdfunding to achieve a price breakthrough and is selling the product at Rs 2,990. This price is supposed to end on May 25 after a week of the launch of crowdfunding campaign.

The robot has a Tilt Sensor Technology which is used to maintain the grip and stop it from falling if placed at an angle lesser than 45 degrees. It is beneficial for people who face the problems of backache. During the current situation, people might not be able to take regular physiotherapy so Wheeme will act as an alternative for the same.

The robot operates on a rolling motion and has three different settings for users to choose from. Rajeev Karwal, Founder, Chairman, Milagrow Robots said in a statement,

At a time when we need to remain indoors to safeguard ourselves and our loved ones, the Wheeme 2020 will act as a personal physiotherapist of sorts for those experiencing backaches and other muscle pain. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on businesses across verticals and has affected life in more ways than one. Through the crowdfunding model, we aim to ensure that the disrupted supply chain is restored quickly and the price the price thresholds are brought down.

According to the company, the dependency on robots will increase in the post pandemic world in doing household chores and other professional activities. The price will always be questionable and therefore the crowdfunding campaign is aimed at evolving the industries. They plan on launching more products in near future.


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