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Passwork announced that it has raised angel investment from Gaurav Gandhi, who has also invested in sectors ranging across fintech to proptech and digital marketing veteran, Vivek Bhargava.

Mohit Malara, CEO & Founder at Passwork said in a statement, “Today we are present across 500+ accessible locations and 20,000+ workstations and with this influx of capital, we plan to foray into newer markets and expand the demand network into other countries. With many co-working spaces facing poor occupancy, we leverage our network of co-working brands to deploy a fully functional office for clusters formed based on analysis of corporate’s employee demographics. We believe this is the future of work.’’

Gaurav Gandhi, Lead Investor says, “The secure environment, flexibility and cost reduction are the 3 areas which not only help corporates reduce lease, overheads, admin costs but also offer the employees and freelancers an option of being in a professional work environment at their convenience.”

Passwork was found in 2019 by Mohit Malara, a Chartered Accountant with an experience in investment banking, venture capital and the NBFC sector. It offers access to coworking spaces at different locations in multiple cities for a day, a week or a month on the go, with added perks such as unlimited uninterrupted WIFI, unlimited coffee and snacks, concierge service, access to conference and meeting rooms on an hourly basis across the 2000+ locations on the platform.

With the help of ‘Walk to Work’ platform, Passwork has initiated a B2B network for offering customized flexible workspace solution and remote workforce management tools to corporates. During the current situation of Covid 19 pandemic when it is difficult to work in the office, ‘Walk to Work’ gives employees the chance to work in an office-like-environment with all the necessary supplies and amenities without needing to go to an actual office.

Passwork’s management software helps the employees and employers by creating particular satellite offices, QR code-based check in and check out to analyze work hours, sharing meeting details through Passwork app and create a perfect work-life balance.


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