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The Founder of iessentialss, Mr. Abhishek Chauhan, is an ambitious and driven person. He thrives on challenges and has been continuously setting new bars in his niche. From having his roots in Kanpur to studying in Australia, his life has been like a roller-coaster. No one could have thought that an Australian graduate would return to his homeland and start his entrepreneurial journey! He has always been a person who is not comfortable settling for less. Also, deep down, he always wanted to help his country by supporting it at a micro-economical level.


Abhishek has dedicatedly worked for hundreds of hours by means of serving voluntarily at an Old Age Home, and among young and depressed immigrants. He has also savored the taste of corporate society as he has worked for around three years at one of Australia’s biggest FMCG, Woolworths. After that, he returned to India, and along with his brother, he started a construction company to carry forward his father’s legacy with YKS Infratech Pvt. Ltd. Post that he moved on to a food venture.


It was the COVID-19 lockdown that led to the creation of this beautiful company named, iessentialss. W hen the lockdown began, Abhishek could not help but notice that every marketplace was filled with companies that could promote themselves, while no space was given to small and micro businesses to flourish. Hence, iessentialss would turn out to be a market space to support and provide small and micro businesses with empowerment, supporting the Indian artisans.


After he made up his mind to do something for mother Earth, technology helped Abhishek a lot by means of conference calls and online marketing. With each passing day, he was able to decode the difficulties that were faced by small and micro businesses and home-grown brands. The empowerment through online market space to all those businesses, women, and artisans at satellite locations would be a treat.


Every success story is laid on the thorns of failures, and there is no success without error and trails. Abhishek faced several challenges like adapting to the new culture and peculiar government policies. The pandemic was a major global challenge that lay in the way, both personally and globally.

“I believe that determination, hard work, perseverance, and love for your passion can make you jump any mountain.”

Where does iessentialss stand in the market?

Iessentialss’s main objective is to empower micro, small, and medium producers. They feel that these producers are one of the most hardworking and dedicated people who make quality products but cannot sell them efficiently. Hence, by encouraging these Made in India products and products by women and local artisans, Abhishek is on his way to help the economy of our nation at micro-levels. He feels that this chain reaction of the economy will be beneficial in the long run for the nation’s economy overall. 

Iessentialss’s pivotal aim along with its Unique Selling Proposition is that the sellers on their platforms will ensure quality products for the consumers. The organizations feels that they can provide a wonderful platform and space to the micro and major businesses to flourish together in a sustainable environment, and Abhishek is optimistic that this day will come very soon.

Being Futuristic

Iessentialss as well as Abhishek has a goal of empowering every Indian artisan and spreading awareness about the quality of Indian products by making people believe in Indian products. Their ulterior motive of supporting and popularizing tribal art, personal care, organic products, etcetera will be achieved by providing a sustainable market place to unorganized small and micro businesses at iessentialss. 

Personally, Mr. Chauhan believes that he can thrive as a leader and shape this venture into a booming marketplace for appreciation and recognition; to those who require the most. He has a firm belief in all the hard work put in by him and his perseverance, with which he is sure to achieve his goals one by one and empower everyone along his journey.

“I want to be the change that I want to see in the world. I want every section of society to rise and flourish together.”


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