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TikTok has been making to headlines in last few days because of two main reasons, first is because the app is Chinese and the second reason is because of the Carry Minati’s YouTube V/S TikTok controversy. Mitron, released about a month ago on Playstore is India’s version of TikTok which has already attracted 5 million users.

Mitron, just like TikTok is a free short video and social app which allows the user to create, edit and share their videos and also go through videos of other users on the platform. TikTok’s ratings have dropped down to 1.2 in past 2 weeks due to all the backlash it has been receiving. People have also demanded a complete ban on the video.

The issues with TikTok may take a while to settle down and meanwhile Mitron will enjoy the due attention. The new app is a clone of TikTok with minimal feature. Some content creators have already reached 80K followers with a meagre 40-50 posts.

The company describes itself on playstore as, “To create a platform where people can come and entertain themselves with small videos posted by people across the globe and at the same time create a social incentive for people to share and create their own videos.”

Even the name ‘Mitron’ has attracted a lot of attention probably because of the popularity it holds due to its extensive use by PM Modi. The application has recorded a million downloads in April and 5 million in May. The popularity for Mitron though can be short-lived considering that the comments peaked on May 18 and came down within 2 days and have crashed completely from last 4 days.

Even though the hatred towards TikTok has boosted company’s popularity, it is not the sole reason as they started getting popularity in May beginning. Mitron currently stands at 2nd position under the free category after Aarogya Setu.


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