While the entire world is trying to solve the Corona crisis, we clearly forgot about the climate change crisis that has been lurking over our heads for years now. Zerodha’s Kamath brothers recently announced a new not-for -profit organization to deal with climate change.

Rainmatter Land Development is the new entity headed by Nithin Kamath, wife Seema Patil and Nikhil Kamath. The NPO will focus on buying land and transforming them into farmlands, agroforests and resorts. The projects will be carried forward either with the help of municipal corporation and local bodies or independently.

The paid-up capital for the new venture is Rs 10 lakh. Kamaths wish to collaborate with other third parties and use modern technologies to build and conserve sustainable forests. They plan on taking scientists and other experts in the field to help them. The company aims to experiment with the technologies and find out a best one and then help others to enable to do the same.

Nithin Kamath believes that climate change needs a quick attention from the humankind in order to help the deteriorating health of the planet. To build sustainable forests, one needs land and that aim is fulfilled by Rainmatter. Kamath clarifies there is no profitable agenda behind this NPO.

Jeff Bezos declared $10 million to fight climate change three months ago under his new venture, Bezos Earth Fund. Not many entrepreneurs have shown interest in doing something for the greater good directly. The Kamaths are probably the first one to take up an initiative like this. They are also investing in startups fighting climate change and wish to take any possible step to help the society.


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