The world came to a halt when Novel Coronavirus was declared a Pandemic by WHO in March. Majority of the Covid-19 patients face respiratory issues and need to be put on Ventilator to help them breathe. Ventilators are not only expensive but also the contraction of disease in Health workers increase. To counter this problem, Hyderabad based Aerobiosys Innovations came up with an IoT enabled Ventilator System, JEEVAN Lite. This will allow the doctors to monitor ventilators from a distance.

The ventilators by Aerobiosys are not only IoT enabled but also low cost and portable. Rajesh Thangavel, Co-founder of Aerobiosys explains that traditional ventilators cost a minimum of 5 lakhs and weigh around 25-30 kgs which makes the treatment unaffordable for patients. JEEVAN Lite costs around 1 lakh and can be carried around because of its small size. This can be used for both invasive and non-invasive ventilation.

JEEVAN Lite gives medical staff the liberty to monitor the patient through a mobile application. The parameters can be adjusted to make it viable for all kinds of patients from infants to old people. The volume per breath ranges from 200-2500 ml and the patient can change it accordingly. The machine can also run without electricity for five hours at least as it can function on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

If there is any anomaly in the patient’s condition, JEEVAN Lite sends alarms to the medical staff’s device to alert them. The machine can be used for multiple patients as it comes with extra filters though the filter has to be changed every time to avoid spread of infection. The company expects to complete its certification in another 10 days and then go into manufacturing 20 units by first week of May for testing purposes. Some of them will be used to test the reliability in long durations and the others on patient study. Once everything is passed, Aerobiosys plans on manufacturing JEEVAN Lite in bulk. They have already been receiving queries about the product and they are in conversation with Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh for deploying 100 units. JEEVAN Lite can prove to be a boon for medical staff as well as the patients once it is passed.


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