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And as a part of our initiative, we invited yet another passionate Entrepreneur Mr. Niraj Kantilal Purohit for an interview with us to understand more about his entrepreneurial journey. He is the Co-Founder At eVinimay Solutions . Let’s learn more about his exciting journey, his background and his advice for our growing community! Dynamic, Hardworking and a go-getter—these words are floating around the Man Himself.

What inspired you to build the above Product & Service?

A lot of people who I met and the kind of experiences I have had over the years inspired me to start this. I have seen several small and interesting business models which could not grow because of lack of capital and also a marketplace eVinimay basically provides that market place and your product/ service provides you with the capital to do so.

How did you find the industry/niche you are in?

Barter is an age-old way to do a trade but with the advent of currency, trade shifted to using currencies. But even today, you will be surprised to know that close to 50% of Fortune 500 Companies still use barter to buy and sell. A lot of media across the world is bought on barter

The industry was very unorganized and a lot was done without being tax compliant

and I figured that if I could create something which could close the loop and make the trade tax compliant (GST), a lot of big companies will start using this


What is Your life Mantra?

My life mantra is to KEEP THINGS SIMPLE and to make things easy for people around me. In the digital age, it’s quite possible to do that and I hope my platform will make that difference to people.

The most challenging part of your journey to date and how did you overcome those challenges?

Several challenges have come my way – be it initial capital, my inability as a small entrepreneur to approach BIG Companies, but with perseverance and a lot of support from my mentors and friends, I have, to some extent broken out of that shell

How are you managing your life and work during Lockdown caused by COVID 19?

I am using this time to speak to business owners and engaging them to understand their problems and challenges and how my network can help them overcome the same

What is your source of motivation for the day when you wake up?

My wife is my biggest motivation – she has stood with me during all of my difficult times and I always look up to her for my next inspiration

Money or Emotions, what comes first for you?

I’m someone who values Human relations and for me, that is of paramount importance. If you have the basics right, the money will follow

How do you manage your stress?

I have a great family – both immediate and extended who are my constant source of encouragement and I always lean on them to find solutions for any stress that I come across

What according to you are keys to success?

HONESTY, HARDWORK and HONOUR are very big and important words in my life and I believe that they will take anyone who follows these far ahead in life

What Online Apps/tools do you use the most and Why?

The online world has become very interesting but too crowded in the last few years. I end up using apps and tools which make my life easy without any clutter

What habit you think, makes you more productive?


Your business Goals/plans for the next 3 years?

  • To grow my platform and increase interaction between companies in the network
  • The plan is to have over 1,000 businesses on the platform in the next 3 years

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Your advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Never stop dreaming and you will eventually get these. You will invariably find a lot of naysayers but you will also find some really good people along the way who will define you. Just keep going and follow your dreams


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