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Gobbly, a retail technology venture has raised $500,000 in equity funding from an early stage consumer Venture Capital fun, Sauce.vc. The company has decided to infuse the funds in marketing and technology development according to a press release.

Gobbly provides convenient and contactless forms of automated retail for categories including farm produce, curated fresh F&B products including meals, snacks, salads, desserts and select packaged third party brand packaged goods. Its first product includes mobile-operated unmanned fridges that allow for hand selection of products with customers being charged electronically from a mobile wallet on closing the fridge door to complete a transaction.

Due to the coronavirus fears, these fridges are in demand in educational institutions, residential apartments and offices. The lack of human contact in this technology makes it a hit choice for public places to maintain issued Covid-19 safety measures.

“Gobbly is a digital store which allows for instantaneous consumption right where consumers work or reside. The UX is friendly and allows for consumers to co-curate what their local Gobbly store should stock. The device is quick to deploy, space efficient and has a very low capex outlay when compared to traditional forms of retail. It is easily transportable and does not carry traditional location risks of brick and mortar stores,” co- founder of Gobbly, Amit Ahuja, stated.

The Gurugram-based startup plans to build a full-stack automated retail technology platform which will enhance offline shopping and traditional ecommerce. It is presently operational in Delhi NCR region including Gurugram and Noida. This technology can be really beneficial in maintaining safe distance in the covid period.  


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