The world has realized the importance of keeping surroundings clean in the wake of Covid-19. People have actively started cleaning their belongings and environment. DailyObjects has launched portable multifunctional UV sterilizer to disinfect daily use materials like gadgets and personal accessories.

Wiping down the devices with an alcohol-based sanitizer certainly do not get us rid of the germs and they can also harm the oil-repellent coating of the display. The germs live on the surface and that is why by disinfecting objects, 99.9% of germs can be killed that accumulate on the surfaces.

The product is extremely safe as it does not use any chemicals or harm the accessories. It can be used to disinfect rings, mobile phones, face masks, spectacles, watches, cash, baby products among others. The sterilizer is accompanied with a wireless charger that is compatible with all the phones and earphones that support wireless charging.

Pankaj Garg, CEO and founder of DailyObjects explained that a mobile phone has more bacteria than a toilet seat which desperately calls for cleaning. The rings that people wear also carry 1,70,000 bacteria even after thoroughly washed regularly. This technique is used to sterilize hospital rooms and medical instruments. The idea behind a UV disinfectant is that it destroys germs’ DNA making it impossible for them to function.


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