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TheShareStory.in is an initiative to build a community of Entrepreneurs, Founders, Startups & Industry Stalwarts to celebrate success & to learn from shortfalls, and to Contribute, Inspire & Embellish Entrepreneurship by sharing their exciting Stories!

As a part of our initiative, we invited yet another passionate Womanpreneur  Ms.Namrata Thakker for an interview with us to understand more about her entrepreneurial journey. She is the Founder At Entrepreneur Excel. Let’s learn more about her exciting journey, her background and her advice for our growing community! Dynamic, daring and a go-getter—these words are floating around the lady herself.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey, please;

I am a psychologist by profession and a serial entrepreneur. I have worked with 40 different industries and helped businesses to become system and process dependent rather than being people dependent.

Please Provide a brief overview of your product & Services?

I help entrepreneurs find their purpose and help them with their strategies to make their dream come true by unleashing the potential within them.

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What inspired you to build the above Product & Service?

When I started working back then, neither did I have any clarity nor any guidance. I had to struggle a lot so as to reach where I am today. In that process, many years have gone in vain as a result of the incorrect decisions I have made in the past. I believe time is precious and hence don’t want other budding entrepreneurs to make the similar mistakes that I made. Its always better to learn from other’s mistakes and move forward in life. This is precisely why I want to help and support people.

How did you find the industry / niche you are in?

My family, relatives and friends have always looked up to me for my guidance. This served as a driving factor to start consulting firms too. It definitely was not a cake-walk as it took around 5 years to discover my niche. I have come to a realisation that I can very well manage and remove the hindrances/blockages of firms. I help them prepare their SWOT Analysis for instance and make sure they focus on their strengths as a driving force rather than getting disheartened with their weaknesses. It’s all about the focus on the right thing.

What is Your Life Mantra?

Life never stops teaching. Hence, we should never stop learning as every level of our life demands a different ‘you’.

The most challenging part of your journey till date and how did you Overcome those challenges?

Back in 2010, I had to leave my well-set career in Australia and comeback to India. It was extremely challenging as well as risky at the same time. I made the decision with all my heart and I knew there was no turning back so it just had to go right. Now, 10 years down the line, I do not regret my decision at all and it was worth all the risk. I have been able to gain so much experience and opportunities which is truly worthwhile.

How are you managing your Life and work during these trying times?

To be honest, lockdown has been a boon for me. I have been able to try out so many new things which I did not early. The situation demanded me to be more active. For instance, going live on social media handles and collaborating with so many people has completely provided a new domain.

What is your source of motivation for the day when you wake up?

What keeps me going is my purpose to create an enriched community of entrepreneurs and empower them in all areas of life. I believe that one’s personal development is what results in their business’ development. In order to have a successful career, one needs to have a balance of life.

Money or Emotions, what comes first for you?

Over the years I have learned that where emotions are high, intelligence is low. Earlier, I was emotion-driven but eventually after making a lot of mistakes, I have learnt this life lesson that it is always better to ride in a Mercedes than on a bicycle. So now money does matter to me, I never focused much on it but over the years I have learnt how important money is.

How do you Manage your stress?

I manage my stress by meditation. My daughter is a psychologist, so whenever things go out my hands, whenever I am not able to handle my emotions, stress or my confusion, I go to my daughter and she helps me to handle it.

What according to you are keys to success?

According to me, key to success is constantly learning, setting your priorities straight and desires later like good health is a priority for me, having a good net worth and a good network, and lastly the skill of managing money and making money.

What Online Apps/tools do you use the most and Why?

Till lockdown, I was very active on Facebook; I used to work physically more than using any other online tools/apps. But now, I have started to use Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn to increase my connections and to reach more number of people whom I can help. Before lockdown, my only focus was on Facebook because I was under an impression that it will help me grab a greater market but as I started my work online I understood the importance of other online apps/tools which will help me grab a bigger market. While working physically, I could get connected to say only 500 people but after using the online tools and shifting my work online due to this paramedic, I could connect to 5000 people and help them grow.

What habit you think, makes you more productive?

My habit of keeping a watch on everything happening in my industry, constantly upgrading myself learning new things and gaining more knowledge makes me productive.

Your business Goals / plans for next 3 years?

Being the world’s biggest entrepreneur community and supporting a lot of new business and entrepreneurs, I am looking forward for the launch of our website of health and wellness, to make it successful and reach n number of people.

Share a quote that inspires you the most.

“You are confined only by the walls you build for yourself.”

Your advice for the Aspiring Entrepreneurs. My advice for the aspiring entrepreneurs is that please get a coach or mentor who would help you and guide you in right direction, don’t spoil your time by learning from your mistakes, you will waste a lot of your time and later in life you would regret about it. Learn to believe in yourself and take the accountability of your work, it does magic. Start taking feedbacks from people about your work and start improving in those areas and at last never give up.


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