The lockdown because of deadly coronavirus has brought world to a standstill. The logistics industry has been affected big time with this even though supply of essentials is still allowed. The essentials make up only 15-20% of the total industry which means almost 80% of the sector is on pause. The bigger problem is the fact that this industry heavily relies on human capital and covers about 40 lakh trucks. Even for important goods, movement is difficult as all the petrol pumps and dhabas on the highway are closed. Moreover, drivers too are scared of contracting Covid-19.

A Bangalore-based startup, BlackBuck which is bringing offline operations of trucking online identified this issue and launched the Move India initiative. This initiative is aimed at bringing security to the truck drivers during the uncertain times and keep the logistics industry going. The startup aims to help over 5 lakh fleet owners with more than 10 lakh trucks through its technology.

They also plan on including 20,000 small time transporters and distributors who are not the part of their ecosystem yet. The manufacturers who have the products ready to be shipped can book trucks through BlackBuck’s platform at minimal prices. The startup wants to do as much as they can to help the community so they have waived off the commission at all. They are also providing truckers insurance and Direct Money Transfer to make things easier for them.

They are providing an added incentive of Rs 2000-3000 to all the fleet owners per delivery which can come up to a lakh benefit for large fleet owners. They have also set Rs 50 crore aside for helping drivers in case they contract Covid-19 and set up a helpline for the same. In addition to this they are providing insurance inclusive of hospital expenses up to Rs 50,000 to the drivers and Rs 3 lakh in case of a permanent disability or unfortunate demise in case of accidents.

BlackBuck has over 4 lakh trucks on its platform operating in 500 districts and 400 industrial hubs. It has more than 30,000 clients including big players like Asian Paints, Coca-Cola, ITC and Tata Steel. The company was cofounded by B Ramasubramanian, Chanakya Hridaya and Rajesh Yabaji in April 2015 and they aim to make the trucking industry more organized.


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